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The unofficial voice of the Burji with focus on news, analysis, feature articles, periodical bulletin, and online sale of books and artifacts. The page is run by Mr. Tego Wolasa with the assistance of a select team drawn from writers, cultural historians, elders, and journalists. We will be running periodic bulletin, occasional blog, sell books & artifacts. We accept contributions from anyone willing to share factual content. Subscribe to our periodic publications by filling in your email. Enjoy
Burji Map in Ethiopia
Burji Map in Ethiopia. Map Source: UN

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  • A-Burji-traditional-dancers-in-full-attire

  • Burji-dancers

  • Burji-textile-industry-which-was-robust-and-advanced-long-before-industrialisation

  • Farming-is-the-main-activity undertaken-by-the-traditional-Burji

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Burji Food Tradition

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