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Would you like to take part in writing the Burji History? Would you like to leave a permanent footprint on the sand of time? Then join us at burjionline.com by sharing your article.

What you can write about?
i. News and current affairs
ii. Opinion & Analysis
iii. Historical pieces.
iv. Tell us about a Burji leader, a hero, or any successful personality.
v. Challenges facing the Burji.
vi. Any other topical issue.

What are the Dos and the Donts?
i. The write up should be factual and unbiased.
ii. Acknowledge source if you borrowed part of the article from another written source.
iii. The article should be written, preferably in English.
iv. Attach images where applicable.
v. Attach your photo, full names, designation (e.g., chairman Nabsa), and your contacts (email and phone number).
vi. Send your articles via info@burjionline.com and copy burjionline@gmail.com
vii. You can submit the article via Whatsapp

Once Received
i. The editors at Burji online will work on the articles.
ii. We will contact you in case of verifications.
iii. If your article meets our minimum threshold, we will publish the same on www.burjionline.com, copied to www.twitter.com/burjionline, www.facebook.com/burjionline, www.telegram.me/burjionline, and our Whatsapp pages.
iv. We will publish the article under your name, accompanied by your photo.
v. You don’t have to be an accomplished writer to publish through Burji Online. So long as you have content, we will write it for you.
vi. At the end of each year, we will combine all the articles written during the year and publish them as BURJI YEARBOOK. This year we will, for instance, have Burji yearbook 2020.

The article is your way of telling the future generation that you cared!

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