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By Barbe Gambo

What comes to mind when you hear of the University Students Association? Well, stop right there because NABSA is far from what most people associate University Students Associations with.

NABSA was founded in 2012 by and for Burji University Students who hail from Nairobi. The general objective of NABSA is to uplift the well-being of its members.

Among the unique achievement of NABSA is the existence of a self-funded kitty where they collect money together for helping the least fortunate members among them.

In 2019, for instance, they raised fees for four of their colleagues who were on the verge of dropping out of school because of school feel.

Besides, the students have formed a strong network within and without for helping each other to secure internships as well as jobs for studying as well as graduating members.

NABSA members have, through that, managed to secure places at blue-chip companies and premier government institutions.

Interestingly, despite being an association meant for University Students, NABSA has, in some instances, ended up helping a few high school students.

Under the guidance of their Patron, Mr. Churqo Choke, and Mzee Nane Ase, the Nairobi Burji Community Elder, they have been at the forefront in undertaking Socially Responsible Activities.

The dawn of Covid-19, for instance, saw them mobilize resources and distribute food to over four hundred needy families during May 2020 alone.

Photos: Left- NABSA officials inspecting a project they sponsored at local school while on the right they were with the Patron.

It is not always beds of roses, though. The students have had a fair share of challenges, including lack of school fees, difficulty in career choices, and unemployment to graduates.

Perhaps it is the challenges that have acted as the glue which holds the Association together for close to a decade.

The group is led by the Chairman, Physicist Lolo Chande Lolo, with the assistance of Roba Choke Golo, who is the Vice-Chairman, Daniel Hirbo Gubo, the Secretary-General, Annah Ano the Treasurer and Mr. Barbe Gambo who is the Coordinator.

It is the wish of the NABSA executive that the same energy would be replicated in every area of the community, including businesses, settlement, social welfare activities, and many more.

With current membership is 256 and 120 Alumnus, NABSA has proven that we do not need to have enough to share with those who do not have.

They have proven that we can indeed be a source of happiness, hope, and grace against all the odds.



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