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By Sode Degu Sode

I bet most of you do not know that there is a college offering training in the Burji language. Or do you?

Well, Dilla College of Teacher Education in Ethiopia offers Burji language and literature at the diploma level.

Started six years ago in 2014, the college offers English, Amharic, Gede’uffa, Koretee and, Burji Languages under their linguistics faculty.

Christened Dhaashatee language department, the college introduced the Burji language department in 2016 (2008 E.C) with forty students.

The name Dhaashatee is from the term Daash which is an alternative name of the Burji people.

Initially, the Burji language department admitted diploma graduate teachers who were willing to learn and teach the Burji language.

Also known as the summer program, the working teachers learn over four holidays. That is two months per year for four years.

The college later introduced regular students training in 2017 (2009 E.C). The regular students undertake a three-year full-time training.

Last year, the department graduated its first batch 108 Burji Language teachers.

The second group was supposed to graduate this year, but the plans were interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic.

The department has dispatched learning materials to the continuing students to help them continue learning from home during the pandemic.

Ethiopian Government recently launched a new educational policy and curriculum. The new system invites 12-grade graduates only to the college.

The new curriculum interrupted admission of the 3rd batch of students. The department, however, expects more students during the 2020/2021 admission year.

Photo: Mr. Degu the head of the department

Mr. Degu Sode Daka is the head of the department assisted by one other lecturer.

You can reach him on +2510926192382, +2510463311405 or degusode98@gmail.com

The writer is a 4th Year Student studying Architecture at Wollega University


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  1. This is a major development in the Burji world. Most of us and our chn have become slaves of other languages at the expense of our beautiful burji languag. Most of our chn if not all do not know this language —-moyale, marsabit— i wish we would have had such college or even basic classes or even online tutorials etc b4 it dies out. Thanks burjionline.com for info. Is there an opportunity for online learning?

    1. We had a discussion with the head of the department few days ago and explored the idea of borrowing and or importing the syllabus to be adopted in Kenya. We can have it around albeit on an online basis as you rightfully said. Thanks for your well thought feedback and queries.

  2. It really breaks my heart not knowing our very own language,. Perhaps try and introduce online classes for people who are based in Kenya kindly.

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