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One on one with the second top-ranking Burji Political leader in Kenya Who Is Also the Deputy Speaker for The Marsabit County Assembly.

By Tego Wolasa

What do Barack Obama, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, the late president Daniel Arap Moi, and John Killo Dawe have in common?

You guessed right; they were all teachers before joining politics.

After being a teacher for twenty-two years, Hon. Killo Dawe took a plunge into politics during the 2017 general elections.

He clinched the MCA seat after trouncing his predecessor, Hon. Anno Mado Azuba and the third contestant, Hon. Gira A. Bagaja.

His reign has been relatively quiet but not smooth.

Like any other leader, he faces criticism ranging from unfulfilled election pledges to poor development record.

Streets are also awash with rumors that he faces pockets of resistance from some quarters over his refusal to take sides in the ongoing disunity based on the ancestral village of origin.

So who is Hon. John Killo Dawe? What is his academic background? What about his family? Does he plan to run for political office come 2022? We managed to get him to tell us.

Question: Who is John Killo Dawe?

Hon. Killo: I was born in Moyale 48 years ago. My father is from the Mangado clan, and my mother from the Lami clan. My ancestors are from Dallo village in Burji District.

Question: Tell us about your Nuclear Family.

Hon. Killo: I am married to Daile Nawe Gubo, a clinical officer, and are blessed with five children. Our firstborn is Emmanuel Nawe Killo, who is a second-year Civil Engineering at Kenyatta University.

Hon. Killo: Elizabeth Gaso Killo, a form 1 in Nairobi, is the second born, the third born, Susan Dallo Killo in class 8, while Francis Nawe Killo, the fourth born, is currently a grade 2 students. Our last born, Daniel Dawe Killo, is barely six months old.

Question: Briefly tell us about your academic and professional training

Hon. Killo: I started my education at St. Mary Nursery in 1979 and St. Mary’s primary school between 1980 and 1988. I joined Marsabit secondary school between 1989 and 1992.

For my tertiary education, I attended St. Marks Teachers college in 1994 and later joined Meru Teachers college. I also acquired Diploma in special education at the Kenya Institute of Special education (KISE) between 2004 and 2007.

In 2005, I joined AMI college and seminary Kenya for a diploma in Biblical study. I also hold a Diploma in Management and a degree in Special Need Education from the Kenya Methodist University (KEMU).

Question: Everyone calls you Mwalimu. Tell us about your teaching career

Hon. Killo: Before joining politics in 2017, I taught for 22 years and served in various positions, including assistant teacher, senior teacher, deputy headmaster, and headteacher in the Moyale sub-county.

I was the pioneer headteacher at the Manyatta primary school, which has since given rise to Manyatta Mix Secondary and the Manyatta Health center.

Besides, I am the proprietor of the Someni academy, which provides quality education and has given over eighty students scholarships since its inception.

Question: Tell us your current job

Hon. John Killo: I am the sitting Member of County Assembly (MCA) for Heilu Manyatta Ward till 2022, God willing.

Hon. Killo: As their MCA, my work entails representing the Heilu Manyatta ward residents in the County Assembly. I present and express their views, opinions, and proposals to the county assembly. I am also the deputy speaker of the Marsabit County Assembly

Question: Being the deputy speaker makes you the second most senior Burji politician in Kenya. Tell us more about that role

Hon. Killo: I would first wish to appreciate my fellow MCAs because I was elected the deputy speaker by all the thirty members of the county assembly.

Hon. Killo: I Deputize the Speaker of the County Assembly. The Deputy Speaker serves several roles in the Assembly, including presiding over the Chamber upon request by the Speaker or in the Speaker’s absence and chairing the Committee of the Whole House.

Hon. Killo: The Deputy Speaker also chairs the Liaison Committee, the committee consisting of all Chairs of the Committee, and he is also a Member of the Speaker’s panel.

Question: Your critics say that your development record is wanting. What do you have to say about that?

Hon. Killo: As a leader, I expect and accept criticism. But to mention a few, I constructed the Lami Dispensary, which is now awaiting to be equipped and staffed. Also, I benefited 90 households with the ward with water tanks.

Question: What are the main challenges related to the two positions that you hold?

Hon. Killo Dawe: The biggest challenge is the unity of my people.

Question: What are your fundamental aspirations, Mheshimiwa?

Hon: Killo: My highest aspiration is to unite the community. I wish to see a separation of politics from the community leadership.

Hon. Killo: In addition to fighting for equitable share for the community in the county jobs and resources. I also wish to see more youths secure jobs in the national government.

Question: What advice do you have for the community

Hon. Killo: Respect is two-way traffic. I addition, only a united community will deliver a better future to the coming generation.

I wish to urge all of us to be united, respect each other, and listen to one another. A saying goes, ‘They who respect one another get the blessing of God.’

Question: Finally, are you planning to run come 2022? If so, tell us which position.

Hon. Killo: We shall cross that bridge when we reach there.

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  1. How I wish we learn to respect our leaders and critic them constructively…..

    I like his aspiration of uniting the community.

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