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By Yahya Wolasa

The world’s first swimming pool, The Great Bath, is thought to have existed at Mohenjo-Daro in Sindh, Pakistan.

Four thousand five hundred twenty-one years later, Wako’s Swimming and Recreational center are about to bring the first-ever swimming pool to Moyale town.

The great bath at Mohenjo-Daro in Sindh, Pakistan from 2500 BC.

The facility is located in Odda, right opposite the Moyale Military barracks.

All the superstructures are complete, and the pools are currently at the tiling stage.

According to the project manager, we will have a separate pool for Men, Women, and children.

In compliance with Islamic shariah’s principles, the men and women’s pool will be separated by a wall.

Men’s Swimming Pool

Besides, the facility will come with a high-end cafeteria and kids’ outdoor playground.

A solar-powered borehole has been put in place to ensure a continuous supply of fresh water for the swimming pool.

Despite being a bustling commercial center for decades, Moyale has fallen short in recreational facilities.


Women and Childrens pool

Mr. Asafa Wako, the proprietor behind the facility, is confident that the pool will positively impact every aspect of society ranging from sporting to recreation.

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    Pres. Uhuru
    Great, that is very good idea. If you take Middle East, people are making Paradise in deserts. Being being dry land, Moyale can be done in the same way. My suggestions are here in under:
    1. The male and female pools should not be separated by wall. Rather it should be built independently far apart.
    2. Availability of clean water supply

    Keep on going eagle eyed journalist. Bye

  2. Finally,no need of travelling to the capital for recreational facilities,,we got our own swimming pool,,God is great,,big up to the brain behind the big upcoming recreational centre

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