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Two people have been killed and two others injured by cattle rustlers in Marsabit town today evening.

The victims who are from the neighboring ‘Shrine’ village were answering the distress call when they were sprayed with bullets.

Mr. Bora Dubala and one other person died at the Marsabit General Hospital while undergoing treatment.

According to eyewitnesses, the cattle grazing at the Marsabit boys’ secondary school field were driven away by three men who appeared to be in their forties.

The three were fully armed and had donned military-like jungle uniforms. They were not in a hurry as they drove the unknown number of cattle into the neighboring mountain forest.

The identity of the rustlers and their origin is unknown.  However, speculations are rife, given that the cattle were driven into the forest.

The security situation in Marsabit appears to be spiraling out of control. A few months ago, a Burji shopkeeper was shot by unknown gunmen at his shop in the Nyayo-road area.

Similar other incidences have taken place without any action from the authorities. Interestingly, the Burji Community has been the target in almost all the incidences.

Last week, a Burji Boda Boda rider named Wondu was killed in Moyale. His motorcycle was confiscated by the criminal who posed as a passenger.

The fake passenger sought the services to be taken to the area East of Moyale town only to turn on the rider and shoot him at Horbora area of Heilu.

Police are yet to apprehend any suspect despite promises made to the community elders who had gone to seek justice.

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