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Review of the 2019 Burji Book by Shibru Galla Hiyo

By Tego Wolasa 

What is the origin of the name Burji? Do the Burjis have alternative names? Where is their origin?

First Published in 2019, the book answers the above questions and delves into several other historical and contemporary issues about the Burji.

The 18 chapters of the book start with a brief but important summary about Ethiopia and Ethiopians. It also outlines the systems of governance in Ethiopia.

Shibru Galla Hiyo – The Author

The subsequent chapters of the book mention the origin, current location, early struggles of the Burji, and their cultural values, among others.

The book also touches on aspects of the Burji lives, such as circumcision, the Burji houses, and social-cultural elements of the Burji.

Did you, for instance, know the traditional games and sports of the Burji? Well, Shibru has articulated the same in chapter twelve of the book.

He has extensively detailed the governance and leadership styles of the Burji and covered Happe Ote, Damte Dawe, and Ayele, among other visionary leaders.

I bet most of us do not know about the Gada system or how the eight olchos of the Burji work. The age group system is also covered well.

Also in the book is the spiritual matters both before and after the advent of Islam and Christianity. The book will surprise you.

The author also mentions the relationship of the Burji with the Boran, Konso, Kore, Guji, and Gedeo. He reveals names given to the Burji by the neighbors.

The seasons of the year

The eye-opening 207 pages book is a must-have and must-read for every Burji household. The content is well researched and well presented.

The only challenge in the book is the low megapixel of the images. The author plans to improve the same in the next reprint.

How to Get the Book

The rare treasure retails at USD 30, or Kes. 500 or 120 Birr. Contact us via info@burjionline.com or WhatsApp us via +254 733 713 611 to reserve and have your copy.

Alternatively, you can reach the author at shibrug99@yahoo.com or https://www.facebook.com/shibru.galla.7. You can also get him on +251 919313426/0910798120

Back Cover of the Book


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  1. Very good this what we pass our children for next generation it’s easy for our children to understand our back ground if we have a copy of like this books at home

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