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Hon. Kedir Adem is the new Burji Member of Parliament.  Running on the Prosperity Party ticket, Kedir Garnered over eleven thousand votes.

In securing the win, Kedir trounced Galle Shibiru Galle of the EZEMA party and Melese Degife of the E-SODEPA party.

Galle secured seven thousand two hundred and twenty-four votes, followed by Melese, who garnered over three thousand votes.

Galle Shibru of EZEMA (left)

Kedir, the current administrator of the Burji Woreda, will officially start his legislative roles in two months when the Parliament formally opens.

He takes over from Hon. Chuna Buya who just concluded his five-year term as the Burji Member of Parliament. In Ethiopia, members of Parliament run for only one five-year term.

The June 21 election also involved the election of the Member of the regional Parliament (Killil). Mare Alamayo of Prosperity Party will be representing the Burji District at the regional Parliament.

Hon. Mare Alamayo, the Regional MP

Burji is currently in the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples’ Region (SNNPR). The regional headquarters used to be in Hawwasa.

However, Since the Sidama voted to have their region in November 2012, the new regional Headquarters will shift to Arba Minch.

The general election was initially slated for August 2020 but was postponed because of covid-19 challenges.

There were forty-seven political parties, nine thousand five hundred and five candidates spread across six hundred and thirty-seven constituencies.

Election in Soyama
Election in Burji Kilicho
Election in Leemo

The over thirty-eight million voters cast their votes across forty-eight thousand polling stations. There were 34 polling stations were in the Burji District.

The election was reported by one thousand four hundred reporters and had forty-six thousand local observers. There were slightly over one hundred international observers.

Hon. Kedir (left) the newly elected MP and Hon. Chuna (right) his predecessor. 

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