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By Tego Wolasa

The word Taekwondo was coined from the terms Tae (foot), Kwon (hand), Do (art). Taekwondo makes use of the hands and feet as weapons and defenses in unarmed combat.

The martial art of self-defense originated from the Korean Peninsula and has been around for over two thousand years in varied forms.

In its current form, the art shot into prominence in the mid-1940s after World War II.

People engage in art for various reasons, including mental focus, physical fitness, strength, self-defense, self-discipline, self-esteem, and sport.

With all its benefits, Taekwondo is gradually taking roots in the Burji District. This is thanks to Sabom Shibia Odda Mare, a Clinical Pharmacist.

His Taekwondo school is called GOS World Taekwondo & Fitness Moyale Burje. After two years of selfless training, he recently graduated fifty Taekwondoins.

What caught my attention was that despite not getting assistance from the local sports authorities, the Soyama based school offers training to students totally for free.

The social Burjipreneur told Burji online that his club lacks essential training gear and equipment. He has kept going because of his passion for the game and the love of the community.

Shibiya is himself a holder of the 3rd Dan Black Belt. He learned the art under the tutelage of Alemayehu Oyicha of Master Alex World Taekwondo Club Hawassa.

Shibiya told me that Taekwondo is built on five tenets: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit.

Pictorial – GOS World Taekwondo & Fitness Moyale Burje Activities

Sabom Shibiya
Sabom Shibiya
Photoshoot after practice session
Giving back to the community
Training in the street of Soyama
Training in the streets of Soyama
Team Photo


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