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Buruuj Training Institute will work with the TVET Authority in developing Burji Language Curriculum at Certificate and Diploma Level.

That was disclosed by Mr. Wolasa, the Board Chairman of Buruuj Training Institute, during the Orientation of the second Batch of Burji Language Students.

“We have worked with the same authority to develop Diploma Level Curriculum for Islamic banking in the past,” he said. “We will use the same experience in coming up with Burji Language Curriculum,” He added.

The Institute first started teaching Burji Language in September 2021. The pioneer students will now join the Level 2 class.

The Orientation meeting was presided over by Abdibeshir Seid Dula (Ph.D.), the Senior Tutor at the Burji Language department in the Institute.

Some of our ongoing students showed up to welcome the new entrants.

Perhaps a motivational lesson to learn from the second intake class is the presence of Mr. Evans Munga, who, despite not being a Burji, wanted to learn the language.

Mr. Adan Shibia, one of the new students, share this powerful quote from Ngugi wa Thiong’o:

“If you know all the languages of the world and you don’t know your mother tongue, that is mental enslavement, self-enslavement. But if you know your mother tongue and add all the other languages of the world, that is empowerment.”

In conclusion, the chairman requested Burji Professionals in Kenya and Ethiopia to avail their services when called upon to contribute to the development of the curriculum.


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