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Mr. Kosho Woche Molu is now the new elder for the Burji Community in Nairobi.

He was picked from a group of seven candidates who have expressed interest in leading the city-based community.

He secured 438 votes, followed by Mr. Adula Wako, who got 326 votes, automatically becoming the deputy elder.

Mr. Mare Siko and Nacho bora came in third and fourth with 122 and 110 votes, respectively.

Three candidates, Dube Sago, Sambato Gubo and Abraham Wolde, were mentioned but appeared to have withdrawn.

Mr. Kosho takes over from Mr. Nane Ase. Mr. Nane is voluntarily retiring alongside his deputy, Mr. Roba.

Members of the Burji community from across the globe have lauded the outgoing elder for the smooth, democratic, and voluntary handover of the mantle.

You can convey your message to both the outgoing and the incoming elders in the comment section.

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  1. It’s much better if we elect as leader some one has voice in government or someone known as by politics or education level because he will be voice for voice less as a leader

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