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By Ado Sharu

University of Bologna in Italy is the oldest University in continuous operation in the world.

What prompted my mention of the University is that it was founded in 1088 by an organized guild of students (studiorum).

One of the oldest student unions in Africa is the National Union of South African Students (NUSAS) – 1924.

And there was the West African Students’ Union (WASU), founded in 1925 by students from various West African countries studying in the United Kingdom.

Since then, Student bodies have existed worldwide to serve different purposes, and there is much to be said about them.

But today, I want to tell you about the Burji University and College Students Association (BUCSA).

With its headquarters in Marsabit, BUCSA was founded in Dec 2020 as a Community-Based Organisation (CBO).

The brains behind the idea were five Burjisons: Samwel Chogo, Ibrahim Adola, Ado Siqe, Ibrahim Abdi, and Ado Sharu.

Today, BUCSA’s boosts of 545 strong members.

Ado Sharu – Chairman & Co-founder

BUCSA Objectives

BUCSA aims to unite all the Burji students in the Universities and Colleges in Kenya. For that, they crafted fifteen key objectives.

To empower students in the Association, to formulate projects that benefit the Burji students and the community, to cooperate and assist projects, and undertake capital investment programs.

Also, its objective is to organize and carry out charity work for the less fortunate people in the Association and to advocate for environmental protection.

To educate the community on social, economic, and life skills activities and to carry out income-generating projects for the members.

Mare Asafa – Vice Chair

BUCSA also aims to create a platform for all our members to network and share issues of common concern that affect them and to use all lawful, proper, and prudent means to ensure that members’ aspirations and interests are realized.

To promote peaceful co-existence and enhance harmonious cohesion amongst all the communities.

In addition, BUCSA also wishes to network and collaborate with existing like-minded student associations in Kenya.

Abubakr Ali Woge – The Secretary General

BUCSA Organs

Now under the patronship of Hon. Jacob Elisha Godana, the Marsabit Central Ward MCA, BUCSA’s main organs are three: General Meetings, its Board of Management, and the Executive.

General meetings include the Annual General Meeting (AGM), The Special General Meeting (SGM), and Extra-ordinary General Meeting (Kamukunji). BUCSA holds its AGM every December and SGM every Six months.

The board comprises the Executive and three other members elected during the Elections of the Association in either an AGM or SGM, each from the respective branches.

The Executive consists of the Chairperson, the Vice-Chairperson, Secretary General, The Organizing Secretary, and the Treasurer.

Hawo Nache – The Treasurer

The current chairman of BUCSA is Ado Sharu, an actuarial scientist. Halima Asafa deputizes him, while Abubakar Ali holds the Secretary-General docket. Hawo Nache is the treasurer.

BUCSA branches are Nairobi, Moyale, and Marsabit, the HQ. BUCSA chairperson Thika Chapter is Ramadhan Duro (Jibril), deputized by Jamila Rale.

Ramadhan Mohamed (Mustafa) oversees students’ welfare, while Ababa Donche is the official spokesperson for BUCSA.

Hanah Samuel oversees the secretariat and record-keeping for BUCSA.

Guided by a robust constitution, BUCSA conducts elections every year in a free and fair manner.

The positions are advertised, and officials are picked from a list of those who expressed interest.

Jamila Rale – Thika chapter Vice Chair

BUCSA Accomplishments

  1. Top of our achievements is the ability to unite Burji Students in Colleges and Universities in Kenya.
  2. Successfully helped secure bursaries and CDF allocation for its members spread across Mathare, Moyale, and Saku Constituencies.
  3. We have also helped several members to get attachment and internship placements.
Hanna Samuel – Secretariat & Records

To Contact BUCSA

Contact Bucsa via the number +254758550549. We have a WhatsApp forum for communication and coordination of BUCSA activities.

Ramadhan Mohamed (Mustafa) – Student Welfare

How to Join BUCSA

If you are known by at least 5 members of the Association, and upon payment of non-refundable registration fees of Ksh.200, you become a member of BUCSA.

Ababa Donche – SpokesPerson

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