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by Tego Wolasa

Born in 1983 to Mr Alamu Gacho Bige and Ms Tajitu Girja at the Marsabit General Hospital, Gichu is a resident of Kiamaiko in Nairobi.

Currently studying at ICS College in Nairobi on a part-time basis, Gichu started his education at the Manyatta Ginda Nursery in 1989.

He then joined Marsabit Primary school and later Marsabit Boys Secondary school between 1998 and 2001. He holds a certificate in computer from Surftech institute in Nairobi.

Gichu unsuccessfully vied for the Kiamaiko Member of County Assembly (MCA) in 2017 but hopeful of clinching it in 2022.

He is currently the Chairman of Neema Travellers Sacco Ltd and the vice-chairman of the Frontier Selam Sacco Society Ltd.

As an opinion leader, he has severally represented the Nairobi Burji Community for Government meetings concerning security and development.

The most notable is during the recent closure of the Kiamaiko Slaughterhouses which saw him fight for its reopening alongside other local leaders.

In 2004-2005, Gichu held the position of Saku Constituency Youth Leader popularly known as the Youth MP.

It is during his tenure that the Burji youth awakening swept through Marsabit.

Among the impact of the awakening is the rise of promising local leaders such as Fayo tele who contested for Member of Parliament for Saku constituency in 2007.

Gichu says that his highest aspiration is to represent the Burji at the ward, constituency as well as County level.

He is a believer in hard work and wants us to focus on the future and work for it!

Gichu hails from Gamayo clan and traces his ancestral roots to the Burji Kilicho location of Burji District.

He is Married to Halima Adams and has two beautiful daughters with her.

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  1. With God, everything is possible. My friend one day maybe 2022, God is going to give what your heart has desires for many years. But remember to put the Allah First then your desires. At the end You will become a victorious. And the victory will not be yours but to all who believe in your capabilities of changing their lives. Always remember to be a leader not a politician.

    May God be with you.

  2. He is a vibrant, energetic and people driven leader. He has the interest of his people at heart and passionate about development of his community.

    I am sure Gichu has the will and the ability to steer the Burji community to greater hieghts.


  3. You really deserve it, basing on your insight, unbiased opinion and the persistent urge to help the needy

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