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We Got An Opportunity To Interview The Former Youth MP Who Now Wants to Serve The Cosmopolitan Kiamaiko Ward

We caught up with Hon. Adan Gichu Ali, the MCA Aspirant Kiamaiko Ward during the Azimio la Umoja Jacaranda Gardens Rally on 12th March 2022.

We sought his audience, but he requested to get back to us after the rally.

During the 2017 elections, the ODM Hon. Adan Gichu Ali came second with 5,276 against the winners, 7,198 votes.

The deep-voiced and few worded aspirant gave very carefully chosen brief answers to our interview questions.

Burji Online: We heard that you were endorsed and given blessings to contest the Kiamaiko MCA seat. Tell us more about the endorsement.

Hon. Gichu: Kiamaiko is an excellent place with unlimited potential for all stakeholders. However, poor leadership has suppressed Ward’s capabilities. Because of that, leaders from different tribes, faith, and social background have been yearning for better ward level leadership.

Burji Online: Continue..

Hon. Gichu: Having contested and narrowly lost to the winner in 2017, I offered myself alongside other contestants.

Burji Online: And you were automatically picked?

Hon. Gichu: No. A rigorous vetting process involved looking at our past leadership activities, contribution to the Kiamaiko residents’ well-being, education, and our Manifestos. I was picked by my community council of elders and later accepted by the other tribes residing side by side with us.

Burji Online: Elaborate on this point.

Hon. Gichu: Based on my active involvement in helping the residents of Kiamaiko in various matters, I convinced the community vetting committee that I was their best shot.

Burji Online: You mentioned elders. Weren’t the Youth Involved in the process?

Hon. Gichu: They were. There were representatives from the student fraternity and Youth during the vetting process:

Burji Online: Tell us, what difference will you make if you are allowed to serve?

Hon. Gichu: I know that the task ahead is enormous. This is because the incumbent MCA didn’t fulfil the needs of the people of Kiamaiko. He, for instance, did not initiate any project that would benefit the community.

Burji Online: And how will you fulfil needs of the people?

Hon. Gichu: In very close consultation with the local leadership drawn from the Elders, religious groups, youths, and women groups, I will identify development needs and hit the ground running. I am the right candidate who will bring change to the community.

Burji Online: Give us the general areas you wish to focus on.

Hon. Gichu: Quality Education, Security, Better Health, Creation of Jobs, Improvement of infrastructure and Social Equality. If you agree to give me another opportunity, I elaborate on the strategies I wish to use in achieving each of them.

Burji Online: Do you have any message for the other contestants who didn’t make it through the community endorsement process?

Hon. Gichu: We are all leaders, and as my fellow leaders, I call upon them for their support in helping me serve the people of Kiamaiko. We all wanted the best for Kiamaiko, and the same can be achieved if we set aside our differences and work for the benefit of the great Kiamaiko.

Burji Online: And what is your message for the populace in Kiamaiko?

Hon. Gichu: I wish to ask them to be their servant leader come August elections. As they have already seen over the years, I understand every obstacle and challenge that they face and promise to make Kiamaiko great.

Burji Online: You seem to speak in a few words. Is that your nature, or are you trying to avoid mistakes?

Hon. Gichu: As you may have already learned and heard, I am a man of action. And action speaks louder than words.

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  1. Okay good anyway i wish him all the best but this guy not campaigning enough with youths now our day we youths much populated than elders this guy mostly he deals with a few people like elders and some other few people who gained by wealth like that most of youths in kiamaiko they don’t know even who’s gichu that’s my complain demanding former youths mp suppose do better and more with youths and my another point there is his opponent from our tribe and his aredy controlled majority of youths special (mzalendos).
    My last point hon.Tego wolasa what i want to mention there is still (kasoro) in our community regarding in coming 2022 general election they are not yet one there are still saparated in to two groups at this point there is many candidate yet running for MCA kiamaiko from another tribe there is chance we can lose if we became one there’s higher chance for us to win Mr .wolasa so i don’t know if elders working on this issues to solve it .

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