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Popularly known as BUNAPO, the Burji National Police Welfare Group held its 3rd AGM at Jowanga holdings in the Kiamaiko ward.

Members traveled from as far as Busia and Voi to attend the annual gathering. In addition, the meeting was also graced by guests.

In attendance were Mzee Kosho Woche, the Chairman Nairobi Burji Council of Elders, and his Deputy, Mzee Adula Wako.

BUNAPO Chairman, Chief Inspector Gababa Akare giving token of appreciation to Mzee Kosho

The two elders emphasized the need for unity of purpose and encouraged the officers to participate in constructive community matters actively.

The keynote speaker during the meeting was Mr. Tego Wolasa, a banker, lecturer, blogger, and a Burjipreneur.

He shared entrepreneurship and investment tips that the group can employ in enhancing their welfare and development agenda.

Tego Wolasa, The Keynote speaker

The meeting had a range of agendas ranging from financial reports, investment committee, disciplinary committee report, and amendment of the group constitution.

What is BUNAPO Welfare Group?

BUNAPO is an acronym for the Burji National Police welfare. The group is open to any police officer from the Burji Community.

Around 190 Burji officers are serving in the National police today.

Formation of BUNAPO Welfare Group

The idea of forming the group was first conceptualized in Nairobi in September 2019.

The founders expressed the need for creating a social network of Burji serving in the National Police. The idea gave rise to the formation of a WhatsApp group.

The discussions and brainstorming sessions in the group later led to the formation of BUNAPO, with registered membership of 65.

The group held its first AGM in December 2020.

What Are the Aims and Objectives of BUNAPO Welfare Group?

BUNAPO’S aims and objectives are to offer its members financial support and foster and encourage welfare activities among its members. To stand together in times of need.

To achieve the above, they make monthly contributions of small amounts. Besides, they intend to invest in projects that will give them adequate cash flow.

BUNAPO Leadership

The group is led by Chief Inspector Gababa Akare, deputized by Corporal Ginna Garro. Inspector Samuel Riwe Woshe (OGW) is the Secretary-General deputized by Mariam Gosa Konse.

Corporal Mohammednur Oshe is in charge of the group finances deputized by Zeinab Qilta Dame.

The group’s Organising Secretary is Yussuf Gosa Mamo, with Daudi Bako, Amina Abdullah, and Hido Molu serving as committee members.

Investments Committee members led by Lolo Aila Modollo are Abdirkadir Galcha, Adhi Sorcha, and Omar Dambi.

The group’s internal audit teams are Gene Odha and Adala Yayo. The group also has a disciplinary committee composed of Juma Shanno and Said Kose.

History of Burji in the National Police

Unknown to many, the Burji community in Kenya has served in the National police for over a century.

A study undertaken by Woche Guyo Gache published in Old African on pages 22 and 23 indicates that some Burji, among them the Late Sgt Lio Shule, Late Sgt Abdi Ali Balbalo, and Late Sgt Jillo Sage, joined the Kenya Police in the 1920s.

The 1933 annual Kenya Police Report, for instance, shows that there are six Burji officers in the service.

The Late Sergent Lio Shule, second from left 

Their dedication was also documented well. For instance, the Late Sergeant Lio Shule was awarded the Colonial Police Medal for gallantry on 29th July 1952, according to Mwalimu Woche Guyo Gache.

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